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Montecarlo Red D.O.C.

Montecarlo White D.O.C.

Vermentino del Teso

Anfidiamante Red I.G.T.

Sovrano del Teso

Vinsanto D.O.C. 2003

Vinsanto D.O.C. 1998

Teso Grappa

Extravergin olive oil

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Info & Contacts

Via della Poltroniera, snc,
55015 Montecarlo LU - Italy

Tel: +39 0583.286288
Fax: +39 0583.287814
Monday - Friday: 10-18

Visit & Wine tasting

Monday through Sunday at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm or 17:00 pm only upon reservation

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We are open 7 days a week for the purchase of our products in the Shop.


Tel.: (+39) 392-6065139